Land Management (Scotland) Limited

Management Services

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive factoring;
  • Let property management, sales and purchases;
  • Managing estate and farm property and tenancy issues;
  • Tax and inheritance planning in close liaison with other business advisors;
  • Utility compensation and negotiation work;
  • Professional payroll, VAT and book keeping services;
  • Staff related issues;
  • Forestry management and schemes;
  • Project management of new build/refurbished farm and residential property.

Our aim is to assist the owner to manage their estate or farm business successfully adopting a financial discipline and delivering their objectives. Drawing on over fifteen years experience we are equipped to deal effectively with all routine matters but also to ensure progressive and imaginative management of your projects.

Preparation of financial budgets and projections, navigating you through ever increasing legislation and pursuance of grants are all encompassed in our armoury. Advice on all types of agricultural and commercial tenancies, negotiating new lettings, administering agreements and reviewing rents are all within our areas of expertise.