Land Management (Scotland) Limited

Property Management

Sales, Purchases and Lettings

We provide a comprehensive and competitively priced property service whether you are buying, selling or letting.

We offer our Clients:

  • A friendly, approachable and personal service;
  • Extensive knowledge of the rural property market in the north east of Scotland;
  • Close links with other professional advisors;
  • Advice on any future development opportunities

When using our services you will benefit from our intimate knowledge of the rural market in North East Scotland. Our close connections in this market mean that we are informed of many property sales well before they are advertised. For sellers, our extensive mailing lists and contacts provide the ideal starting point for targeting potential purchasers.

Selling Property...

We will assist you in determining the optimum time and method for selling your property.  We will also prepare attractive particulars, press releases and adverts, working within your advertising budget. We can also work closely with your solicitor to assist in the setting of a closing date, assessment of offers and in closing a deal.

Property Letting

We are able to advise and assist in all matters relating to leasing of residential or agricultural property, including appropriate lease vehicles, rental levels and statutory requirements.

Regulation surrounding the leasing of residential property is increasingly complex, and we are able to deal with all aspects of these requirements, from completing Private Landlord Registration on behalf of a client, to completing pre and post tenancy photographic records of condition and also ensuring your maintenance and repair obligations are met thoroughly and professionally.

For residential property we can also advise on whether any refurbishment is needed to maximise rental returns, and ensure that any lease is designed with the needs of the landlord in mind whilst complying fully with all statutory requirements.

Wayleaves, compensation and compulsory purchase

Utility companies, local authorities and telecoms operators regularly approach landowners for wayleaves, mast sites and land for road schemes. We have a proven track record acting for landowners in these circumstances, ensuring that the client’s rights are protected. In cases such as these it is usual that the acquiring or statutory body pays all the professional fees, and as such negotiations in these matters are normally concluded at no cost to the client.